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N: Characteristics of cast steel ball and forged steel ball

Steel ball, divided into three categories: casting steel ball, forging steel ball, ductile iron ball. But now the use of ductile iron grinding ball is very little, casting ball and forging forging use is mor

N: Stainless steel ball valve features advantages and disadvantages

The role of each kind of gate valve is different. In order to cooperate with the needs of a variety of occupations, the variety is also more and more. Many of the raw materials produced, during which the stainl

N: Heat treatment on mechanical properties and wear resistant steel ...

1 iron carbon content of more than 2.11% yuan, the iron carbon alloy of iron, carbon and silicon. A total of 2 yuan will be multi infiltration is steel, non-ferrous alloy workpiece with 3 or more than 3 kinds

N: Why the steel ball is out of roundness

Many enterprises in the process of the use of steel balls will appear in the case of ball, ball mill ball in the use of 2000 hours after the detection of loss of circle is greater than seven percent. (out of ro

Changzhou Sunan & Weijie Steel Balls Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Sunan & Weijie Steel Balls Co., Ltd. (the former, Wujin Sunan Steel Balls Factory) that was founded in year 1989 professionally makes and markets steel balls for bearings and bicycles. 

Our product specifications are ball bearings 0.5-180 m / m, carbon steel ball 0.5-150 m / m, stainless steel 0.8-80 m / m, while custom specifications of the various special stainless steel ball, Copper Balls, the ball flying saucer, for the majority of users To provide good quality durable, complete specifications and reasonable price of steel balls.

Sunan& Weijie, an ISO9002 certified company, has nearly 200 production equipments and…

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